BIDs Belgium is partnering with City Space Architecture, amongst other partners of the Empowering Women and Public Space, to launch a series of talks from June 2021.

An informal first introductory session, was held with Diana Trang, of Satori Wellness Gym, one of the co-organisers of the initial initiative, along with Rozina Spinnoy earlier this year. The purpose is to create further awareness and debate on the topic inviting a variety of internation guests.

The session organized for 17th June 2021 at 18 hrs CET with co-organizers of this talk are Luisa Bravo of City Space Architecture and Rozina Spinnoy of BIDs Belgium. Panellists includes:

Sally Kneeshaw

Sally Kneeshaw is a London based policy consultant specialising in urban innovation, sustainability and inclusion, with over 25 years’ professional experience working on strategic development for the European Commission, cities, international networks and NGOs.Sally is currently Programme Expert and leader of the Gender Equal Cities initiative for URBACT, the European exchange and learning programme for cities. She also works for the London Borough of Lambeth Business, Culture and Investment Team, the Greater London Authority Social Integration Network and the Capital Enterprise OneTech project.


Rosaura graduated in Architecture (Urban Projects and Urban Cultures) at the University of Ku Leuven Brussels, Belgium and Judson University in Chicago. She worked at Mayfield Architects in California, and currently she is Co-founder, and leading project manager at OURB; An urban activist collective who helps create: processes, moments, and places through inclusive methods. Building environments and communities around the shared space, in order to create open dialogues on exchanged knowledge, and create connections that will inspire community agency over the built environment.


I don’t fit into a box, boxes are not workable. My passions are creating, learning and entrepreneurship intertwined. There is therefore no point in trying to separate them here. I introduce myself here as I am and as I always do. I am

Observation, imagination and connection form the process in which I experience a process experience that I try to convey to the viewer, as a product experience or as the motor of my own process experience.

Works and the techniques used:

I mainly work with watercolor and ecoline on paper, both techniques “live” and still mix on the carrier, the paper. The spontaneous effect that you cannot control 100% results in a surprising discovery in my own imagination. Lasts months I start to draw also on tablet.

Research areas: Networked practices, Architectural Design Justice, Performative Urbanism, Decentralized organizations, Spatial agency, Care Practices, Feminist urbanism.null


Luisa Bravo is a global academic scholar and educator, social entrepreneur and public space activist. She has more than 15-years experience in the professional field as urban planner and designer with a specific focus on public space. Her expertise is grounded in extensive academic postdoctoral research and teaching in Italy and Europe, the United States, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Throughout her academic career, she held different academic positions, in Italy and abroad, and she has been the recipient of prestigious grants and awards such as the Marco Polo scholarship for a postdoctoral research period as Visiting Scholar at IURD – Institute of Urban and Regional Development at University of California Berkeley (USA, 2012) and the Australia Award Endeavour Executive Fellowship for professional development, fully funded by the Australian Government, Department of Education and Training, hosted at the Queensland University of Technology, School of Design, Faculty of Creative Industries (Australia, 2018).

Luisa is the Founder and President of City Space Architecture, an Italian-based non-profit organization promoting public space culture at the global level, and she is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Journal of Public Space, the first, interdisciplinary, academic, open access journal entirely dedicated to public space, that she established through City Space Architecture in partnership with UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.


Rozina Spinnoy is a Design Strategist and Social Entrepreneur, Owner/Founder of her NGO BIDs Belgium and Design SME’s based in Brussels and working internationally. She is also the Co-Founder of the international/community initiative of Empowering Women and Public Space and also Co-Founder of Brussels based collective W100, which aims at building bridges with diverse women across the Brussels Region. An active member and Leader of the Placemaking Europe Network. Rozina is also an Academician for the Academy of Urbanism and also sitting on a variety of Advisory Councils.Rozina champions a variety of causes, projects and philanthropic activities, ranging from gender equality, urban place-making, inclusion and diversity. Through to advocating for more mental health awareness, inclusive communities and co-designing processes in her wide range of diverse projects. You will find Rozina often sharing her views and passion on the value of Design, Creativity and Foresight for positive impact across our society.

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