ISOCARP Congress Brussels

Autumn / Winter 2022 update!

Time has been flying by and it’s been a while since we last updated you. We are pleased to share information on a past event and also share that we will be organizing another on-line and final session of 2022 in mid December.




Back in October of this year, Empowering Women Public Space & Climate Change, had the pleasure to organize an in person session at the 58th ISOCARP – Brussels 2022 congress. together with Brussels Region and Urban Brussels, as the host city and our Partners for this session. Welcoming delegates from all over the world to the impressive location

of Gare Maritime in North side of Brussels. We had the pleasure of hosting the following Speakers:
• Lydia Mutybele Ngoi, City of Brussels Alderwomen for Housing, Public Heritage and Equal Opportunities
• Dr. Fatima Zibouh, Expert/Analyst on Diversity, Inclusion and Discrimination, PhD Political and Social Sciences and W100 Coorganizer
• Prof.Dr. Sebnem Hoskara, Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the Department of Architecture Eastern Meditarranean University (EMU)

With Co-Moderators:
• Rozina Spinnoy, Director BIDs Belgium, Design Strategist & Social Entrepreneur
• Prof. Dr. Luisa Bravo, President City Space Architecture and Executive Directpr of International programs. The Journal of Public Space, Founder and Editor in Chief 


A brief outline of the ISOCARP session below for your infomation!

The introduction gave an overview of Women comprise approximately half of the world’s population but are disproportionately affected by poverty, conflict, and climate change. For this reason, building sustainable, inclusive, resilient communities and cities requires engaging women across all fields. In achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 of Gender Equality, we need to get more women into planning, architecture and the protection of
women’s rights, is indeed a global concern. 


‘Perspectives of Women in Government – City of Brussels’ :

 Lydia Mutyebele Ngoi shared the Policy angle from the City of Brussels perspective with her work on:

• Gender Equality initiatives in Brussels city with Gender Budgeting
• Supporting women-led initiatives on public space
• Consideration to the decolonizing of public space in Brussels
• Sharing challenges and opportunities of career journey to become the first Brussels Alderwomen of African origin



‘W100 and Women Building Bridges in Brussels’


Dr. Fatima Zibouh shared a community grass roots initiative bringing diverse women of Brussels Region together in Public Space. Presenting the project with:
• The importance of the methodology and process.
• Carefully curated Data to ensure civic participation of the diverse
• The importance of diversity, intersectionality and ‘radical inclusion.’
• The positive impact of women’s ‘right to the city’ and public space via
community initiatives in Brussels


‘Women in Public Space: Does Culture Matter?’


Prof. Dr. Sebnem Hoskara posed the following questions:
• How does it feel to be alone in a public space at night?
• What is it like to be a mother in a public space?
• What activities can a woman do in a public space?
• What should be the dress code of a woman in a public space?

We would like to thank all of our speakers and the participants that attended this session, along with ISOCARP and the host city partners of Brussels Region.



We are finallizing our last session of the year to be held on December 14th at 18.30hrs CET. Therefore, please note the date in your diary and we wil ensure to send you the details over the week or so. It would be super to have you join us for the final session of this year!


Don’t forget you can watch our last online session on our new dedicated YouTube Channel.. All previous sessions are still under the BIDs Belgium channel and can be viewed there.

Also you can follow us us on our own channels for Twitter and Instagram, please support with following and liking us with our handles @Empoweringwpscc. Please do keep in touch and let us know if you would like to participate as a
Speaker in one of our future sessions or if you just want to say “Hi!”. Join us in our inclusive, sustainable and beautiful journey together. Empowering Women Public Space and Climate Change, with BIDs Belgium and our Co-organizing partners City Space Architecture, together with Partners of Her City, Global Utmanning, UN Habitat and the New
European Bauhaus would like to thank you for your time and interest in our initiative.