Empowering Women, Public Space & Climate Change contributes to an Exhibition Imagining Public Space with/for Her – organized by City Space Architecture at the Museo Spazio Pubblico / Public Space Museum.

“City Space Architecture promotes an international exhibition on the theme of public space analyzed from a gender perspective, as part of the European project A-Place, co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. The exhibition will feature research and photographic projects from Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Egypt, Kenya, Argentina, Cyprus and Canada, which insist on the urgency of rethinking cities and their public spaces with and for women.” City Space Architecture.

Empowering Women, Public Space, and Climate Change contributes to a captivating Exhibition organized by City Space Architecture, at the Museum of Public Space in Bologna. As mentioned above, the Exhibition is part of a European project A-Place.

We have contributed a diverse collection of creative visuals in varying formats. These will be displayed at the Public Space Museum. This exhibition has been made possible thanks to our partners, City Space Architecture. The visuals on display include photography, drawn art, and digital illustrations in various formats. The exhibition includes brand images from our initial launch, which featured photographic visuals from the International Women’s Day launch in 2021. These images showcase four incredible women: Diana Trang from Canada/North America; Kulsoom Hazara from Pakistan/South Asia; Laska Nenova from Bulgaria; and Rozina Spinnoy from Belgium in martial arts / sports poses.

Photograph and Illustrations by Samya Arif for the Aurat March / Women’s March in Pakistan, South Asia 2022 and 2023

Additionally, the exhibition features digital illustrative art from Illustrator, Visual Artist, and Designer Samya Arif. Samya created two designs specifically for the Aurat March, in Pakistan for the Women’s March held in 2022 and 2023 during the period of International Women’s Day. She has also contributed a photograph of herself participating in the 2023 Women’s March.

Moreover, original art from our resident artist, Evelien Verschroeven, from Belgium is also on display. Her art includes beautiful emotive drawings of females that she often shares on her social media and with our community.

The exhibition also highlights a collection of brand visuals of diverse women, emphasizing the importance of diversity and intersectionality in the Empowering Women, Public Space, and Climate Change overall initiative. These visuals are a part of the Empowering Women, Public Space & Climate Change – Talks sessions co-organized by City Space Architecture in collaboration with Her City, UN Habitat, Global Utmaning, and with support from the New European Bauhaus.

Finally, the Women of the NEB initiative of BIDs Belgium, as partners of the New European Bauhaus, shares feature digital illustrations representing diverse women in Europe, conveying the importance of all women sharing their voices on topics around the three initial streams of women and public space, women and funding, and women and storytelling.

Art by Evelien Verschroeven – Resident Artist of EWPSCC

The exhibition by City Space Architecture will open on Thursday, April 20th at 6 pm. Further details are provided below.

Opening Night 20 April 2023 at 18.00

 at the Public Space Museum
 Via Curiel 13/d, 40134 Bologna

and at Il Giardino, as part of the collaboration agreement with the Municipality of Bologna, Porto – Zaragoza district.

The Garden is curated in collaboration with the BioHabitat Foundation.

The Exhibition will be open from 21 April to 28 May 2023 and by appointment only. 

Email info@museospaziopubblico.it